Bearing in mind my biography, the thought that I could write a book or novel was the furthermost thing from my mind. Writing for my Master's Degree was a pain. I had to do it, but I didn’t enjoy it. But when I did finish Kafira, I was surprised that I could write a book and enjoy the writing.



Sitting on a beach, I pondered the question of whether a woman had ever walked on the Moon?

I rang NASA who advised that they hadn’t put a woman on the moon, but they weren’t sure whether the Russians or Chinese had.


It occurred to me that maybe I could write a story about a woman being sent to the moon to deal with a virus that if made on the Earth would be dangerous.


One of the most deadly viruses in the world is the Ebola virus, and I had the thought that my ‘woman’ could be an expert in the virus to whom the USA would turn to after Kim Il Jong threatens to flood the world with the virus. The threat Kim made was that if the United Nations did not sign over the exclusive ownership to North Korea, he would act. 


I did extensive research on the virus and wrote from the time of the first outbreak in Zaire to the involvement of Kafira by the United Nations. It is a story of a woman's persistence and discovery. The alternative virus is my own imagination. Equally, is the cure for the alternative. Today, the world is no nearer to finding a cure for the virus.


Two Crowns


The beginning of the story of Two Crowns arose from a thought that occurred to me over Xmas 2015 while watching the usual Xmas stories for children on the TV, one of which was the crucifixion of Christ. The commentary after the show was that the Crown of Thorns that fell off Christ’s head when he was brought down from the cross, was held in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. My somewhat irreverent thought was, ‘I wonder if that crown is a fake?’ Again with extensive research, I constructed the story you will read. The one characteristic of the story is the movement among the various possessors of the crown, which exploits human frailty.


Seven Long Steps To Paradise


I always have been curious as to what makes an Islamic terrorist strap an explosive belt to his body and walk into a shopping centre or other such venues, and blow himself up, and killing countless other innocent people.


The quick answer is that they do it for Allah, and probably the prospect of seventy odd virgins when they reach heaven. The other question is, would a Christian do the same if he was converted to Islam? Would there be the same devotion and motivation?


My conclusion was that the power of love might just do it. My story runs on a theme of Christian man meets Muslim girl. The parents of the girl strongly object to any relationship that may arise. But the two of them do love each other, and my Christian man decides he must convert if the relationship is to flourish. Tragedy in the form of the murder of the Muslim girls’ murder.

The following Articles describe how I was inspired to write the Books; so far.