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  • An Israeli Biomedical Scientist, Kafira and a North Korean Biomedical scientist, Min-shu are pitted against one another. Kafira is the Western world’s leading scientist dealing with haemorrhagic diseases, in particular, the incurable Ebola virus. Min-shu is under pressure to develop an Ebola-like virus to force the United Nations into handing over the mineral-rich Moon, to North Korea.

    Kafira doesn't believe that Kim Il-sung will kill his own people and advises the UN that it must be a variant and that Kim Il-sung has the cure.

    Kafira is supported by Charles Edmonds, an ex-Commando in the British Army, now an Astronomer, who works covertly for the CIA. Sir James Halliday acting as the President of the UN Security Council learns of the North Korean plot and seeks to persuade the members of the Council to reject the claim. Dogged political resistance by China to the rejection threatens the world. The only hope of survival is that Kafira can identify the variant, and how to defeat it before it consumes the world.