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  • 7 Steps Synopsis


    Mark Martin, a young Australian Nuclear Physicist falls hopelessly in love with Naida, a beautiful but innocent and protected Muslim girl. Naida’s father strongly objects to the relationship. But the pair is deeply in love, and Mark is told he is to convert to Islam. This isn’t a decision Mark takes lightly, but the local Imam teaches him Islamic philosophy to convince him that Islam is what he needs to be with Naida.

    Their plan to live together is shattered when two thugs murder Naida because she is a Muslim. Mark is consumed by paralysing revenge. He finds the two thugs and murders them. Now with nothing to live for, Mark agrees to be sent to Afghanistan by the Imam to join a warlord called Sharif Nawaz, whose hidden village is high in the Hindu Kush mountains. Sharif admires Mark, whose Muslim name is now, Ishaq bin Martin, for his contribution to the strategy and tactics of the Mujahedeen.

    Under Sharif’s guidance, Ishaq becomes a strong, loyal Mujahedeen and a respected member of the group. At a secret meeting with Osama bin Laden, and all the Afghan warlords, Sharif finds himself outrageously excluded from bin Laden’s inner circle of trust! Affronted and disrespected and, in a blind rage, he plots revenge. Ishaq recognises that Sharif’s retribution must be extreme, to make Sharif the undoubted leader of all the Mujahideen and cause the world to acknowledge Islam as the only religion.

    Ishaq constructs a plan to blow up the British House of  Lords - with a nuclear bomb, that Sharif regards as bizarre but agrees.

    This remarkable story takes the reader through the agony of forbidden love, a clash of cultures, an epic journey, the covert construction of a nuclear device, and the development of a plot that will be disastrous for the world.