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This author, John G. O'Neill is my new favorite author!!! I read this book Two Crowns and totally fell in love!! John O'Neill's writing style is a cross between Dan Brown & James Rollins. This book literally keeps you on the edge of your seat! The storyline was totally different than anything I've ever read and the book just really moves along. I totally loved this book and the author's writing style! I'm really looking forward to reading more books by this amazing author!


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The Crown of Thorns held in the Notre Dame Cathedral is a fake. The reliquary held in the Treasury and revered by the Christian world is not the Crown of Thorns that was brutally thrust on Jesus Christ's head for his crucifixion. In the year C.E. 75, an old priest chisel's words onto a small stone tablet declaring that the Crown of Thorns held in the Church of Zion, is a fake! In the year C.E.34 Joseph of Bethany, then a ten-year-old boy, stole the Crown of Thorns that fell from the head of Jesus Christ when he was brought down from the cross, forcing the Roman Soldiers to make another crown to deliver to the Church. Revelation of the existence of the real Crown of Thorns stands to destroy the Christian belief of the revered reliquary that has been held in the Notre Dame Cathedral since 1239. The Venetian Merchant, Bertrando Ferrante who sold the Crown to King Louis the ninth of France, foolishly admits to the corrupt Archbishop of Vincennes to finding evidence that the Crown delivered to King Louis is a fake! An enraged Archbishop tries to arrest Bertrando. While Bertrando escapes, the Church pursues Bertrando and the Ferrante Family over the centuries to admit to the crimes of heresy and blasphemy. During the First World War, a German General serving in Turkey is an unwilling possessor of the Crown and decides to help the Ferrante family clear its name. The real Crown of Thorns has the power to heal people if they are still alive; but not the possessor. A message on the floor of the leather case that holds the real Crown, while written in Hebrew, is an ancient code that defies attempts to decipher it by any of the possessors throughout its journey; until Charles Edmonds and Lord James Halliday become involved in 1989. The epic journey of the real Crown through the ages reveals the evil of man, exquisite love, greedy grasping commercialism, heartbreaking tragedy, and the intense passion of those who have either possessed the Crown or stolen it.

“I received this for being an advanced reader for the author. Besides getting all the good books in advance of hitting the market and have the opportunity to share my remarks, I love being part of the team that works with authors as they share each new book that they pen”.

What did I like? I have read all of the books that I can get my hands on that follow along with this train of thought because they fascinate me. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and could not put it down. I could see that the author had put a lot of time into the research that he did and I most definitely loved the flow of the book but especially the end. I hope that he will even continue with it longer along these same lines.

What will you like? If you are a history buff or just like the intrigue of a really great story, mystery, unbelievable tale then this is the book for you. The author wrote a story that in all of its ins and outs will have you following and being involved and even wishing that it was today instead of hundreds of years ago. There are so many things about this books that I enjoyed and if anyone of you have ever read my reviews you know that I don’t say things lightly. The flow of the storyline is incredible pulling you in on page one, very moving and sometimes very emotional, the descriptions are spot on and I felt like I was right there in the heat of things. Although if any of you have ever been in the desert you know that I meant that metaphorically. I live in the desert and I do not wish it on anyone! I felt the timeline and descriptions were very detailed to the history of the periods involved and very believable. His characters are the best part of the whole book! Some you will hate and will rant over but others will have you in tears. Each is very developed and as you read you feel an attachment to them. All in all, if you have read the DaVinci Code or any books of that same nature then you are going to love this one.

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The novel begins in a small Israeli town. There is fear in Joseph's house. It is night and drunken Roman soldiers are beginning their marauding, murder, and ransacking. Jerusalem is burning. Joseph is dying. He retrieves from its hiding place a glowing crown of thorns, Christ's Crown. He passes it to his son, Simon, telling him the crucifixion story as he had witnessed as a boy.

Tragedy strikes Simon: his mother's death at the hands of the Romans. In his heart, there is the desire for revenge. He is an innocent, but he proves he can be ruthless if need be in seeking that which he believes is right.

So begins the journey of the Crown of Thorns, a magnificent religious relic with extraordinary power. The story traces the journey of the crown through the ages, but more specifically it traces the lives of the persons who come into possession of the crown. Its power is available to whoever is its possessor. It does not distinguish between those who have a conscience and those who do not nor between persons of honor or persons of greed.

There is a parade of intriguing characters. Their natures and characteristics are neatly defined by the details of their action and their desires in relation to the crown. The darker side of humanity is revealed as well as the ethical side in the various characters.

The narrative is richly detailed; a well thought out plot that consistently holds reader interest. This novel is unusual in that it consists of multiple stories (nicely tied together) revolving around the central theme of the Crown.

...and the ending: a twist that might leave you thinking.


Reviewed by the author of The Children's Story, About Good and EVil.


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Interesting idea, though a bit of a stretch at some stages. Wonderful plot twist at the end of the book.


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If you loved the DaVinci Code this one is for you!

I really got into this book. The story is grand and full of action, intrigue, and conspiracy. Really thoroughly researched. I knocked it over in a weekend, which is super fast for me - 5 stars!

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